Final Reflections

We all regret that we couldn’t end our course in the way we had intended, but many of you used your Unit 10 reflections to share such rich feedback and reflections on your own personal highpoints and achievements in this course. Thank you for your thoughts, for your lively participation, and for making this an unforgettable experience. Be well and safe!

Voices into Action

Our units on Voice and Identity have provided a useful foundation for complicating our knowledge of voice in these last weeks. We have also seen through campus events how voice can be a critical vehicle for expressing thought, taking action, and registering protest.

Completing the Second Third of Our Course

All of you spent the last few weeks doing the hard work of designing, researching, and writing a collaborative project – bravo! With this work, you put notions of voice into action as observer participants of your chosen public spaces, and you used your voice to articular you analysis, but listened to the voice of your partner, as you worked to analyze the multitude of voices the exist in the many diverse spaces of our local lives.

Making Singers, Making Voices

We had the great privilege this week to have several special guests enrich our lectures and understanding of what it takes to make the classical or operatic voice. Special thanks to Naomi Merer, Lauren Vanderlinden, Terra Giddens, and Prof. Isabel Bayrakdarian for their generous presentations and insights.

Completing the first third of our course

Last week we took stock of things we have accomplished so far in the course, including the foundation of frameworks you have worked to build around your conceptions of voice. For many of you, we have been impressed with your progress, unique creativity, and your thoughtful explorations of voice in your section work, and in your First Assignment. Remember to keep track of your reflections, and post them to your e-portfolio websites!

First week

It was very exciting to launch our course and to get to meet all of you! Great participation this week, and please review next week’s work (Unit 2), and prepare Readings by Monday and your Section Activity in advance of your section.


Welcome to the Mellon Discovery Course – Exploring Our Voices: Constructing Knowledge and Identity (INT 137EV) for Winter Quarter 2020. This is your first post.