Assignments & Projects

The course assignments and final project are designed to be broad and diverse, with the aim to expose you to a variety of analytic methods for critical thinking, and a range of academic, public, and creative writing platforms for you to learn and to apply to future academic and professional experiences. You will have several opportunities to work in pairs and small groups in effort to expose you to the importance of collaboration, a skill we often miss during our college classroom experience which can often be singularly driven.  Working with others forces us to listen and to communicate, but it also reveals our need to recognize difference, to respect individual identities, and to develop empathy.  As part of your on-going work and final project, you will also develop an electronic portfolio(e-portfolio), which will serve as a personal showcase and archive of the work you have achieved in this course, but will also provide material you can extend to other learning, career, and creative porfolios you will produce in the future.