Course Units and Major Deadlines

Unit 1

How voices get made

Unit 2

Making the world: words, language, and symbols for building voices

Unit 3

Reflection on 1st third of course; Setting up: Voice and sound

First Assignment due: Tuesday, January 21 (12pm)

Unit 4

Access to voice: power of media in making, hearing, and accessing voices

Unit 5

Making singers, making voices

Unit 6

Voice, sound, and sense

Unit 7

Reflection on 2nd third of course; Setting up: Voice as knowledge & identity

Second Assignment due: Tuesday, February 18 (12pm)

Unit 8

Voice and identities

Unit 9

Translating voice and communication into your academic and career path

Unit 10

Course conclusion and reflections

Final Project and E-Portfolios due: Tuesday, March 17 (12pm)